• An Affordable State To Live

    With inflation, mortgage rates, and energy prices continuing to rise, Republicans will work to eliminate wasteful government spending so we can deliver permanent tax relief for Minnesota families to help you afford groceries, gas, and other everyday necessities.

  • Safe Communities

    Minnesotans deserve to feel safe in their communities. Republicans will hold criminals accountable when they break the law, support our law enforcement, and work to combat the disturbing rise in fentanyl overdose deaths, car thefts, and other violent crime.

  • Strong Schools with High Expectations

    Republicans want a great education for every student — no matter their ZIP code — and that starts with putting a focus on reading, writing, math, and science; and restoring high expectations for every student. It’s unacceptable to have nearly half of our students unable to read at grade level. That’s why Republicans will work to promote proven reforms to raise student achievement and ensure parents have a voice in their child’s education.

  • Affordable and Reliable Energy

    Rising energy costs are another hidden tax on Minnesota families. Republicans support all-of-the-above energy solutions that will make energy affordable and reliable for families, while embracing new technologies that reduce impacts on the environment.

  • Job Growth across Minnesota

    We need robust job growth in communities of all sizes across Minnesota. We need an economy that is good for workers and encourages investment and job growth for businesses. Republicans will work to streamline our complex and burdensome regulations that are stifling job growth and work to make Minnesota a friendlier state to do business. 

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