Keith Franke 54A

District 54A
About Keith Franke

Representative Keith Franke represents the communities of South St. Paul, St. Paul Park, Cottage Grove, Newport, and Grey Island Township.

Keith is the owner of Park Cafe and Franke's Corner Bar, which are both located in St. Paul Park. Prior to serving on the St. Paul Park City Council, he served in the Minnesota House, and he was Mayor of St. Paul Park. While Mayor, he increased the City's bond rating to a AA, spurred economic development opportunities through sale of city lands, made improvements to Broadway Ave and worked with HRA to complete market analysis studies for continued marketing of available land. He helped make necessary ordinance changes to allow Friends in Need Food Shelf to construct a new building in St. Paul Park which serves many in the District.

Keith was born in South St. Paul and then his family moved to Cottage Grove and later moved to St. Paul Park where he currently lives. He is a single father of two and a proud grandparent.

  • Behavioral Health Policy Division, Minority Lead
  • Capital Investment
  • Workforce and Business Development Finance and Policy

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